Whitchurch Town Council

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Whitchurch Town Council

As well as information on how the Council operates and the services it provides, the site lists the responsibilities and contact details of all the present Town Councillors and Committees.

This website provides information about the Council’s activities and aims, and provides a portal for public consultation.

The Town Council is the Trustee of the Town Hall, which is a charity for the benefit of the residents of Whitchurch. It is the venue for Council meetings, the Town’s Public Information Point and it provides accommodation for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau (open on Tuesday mornings from 9.30 am – 12.30 pm).

The Council is made up of 12 elected, non-political, volunteer councillors, from which a Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected each year.  Perhaps, one day, you might decide to run for office?

You can also get more information about what’s going on in Whitchurch, and find local community groups and events by clicking here to go to the official Town website.

To view the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan documentation please click here.