Whitchurch Town Council

Whitchurch Town Council: What We Do

There are a number of areas for which Whitchurch Town Council has direct responsibility and accountability. These are summarised below:

Recreation Grounds

The Council is responsible for the maintenance of children’s play areas, at its Winchester Road/Alliston Way and Kingsley Park Recreation Grounds. Both sites are inspected each week to detect any maintenance problems that need to be addressed.

The Street Cleaners visit the sites daily to try to keep the sites clear of litter, broken glass, dog faeces, and other potentially dangerous materials.

Footpaths and Lighting

While the County Council is responsible for footpaths and bridleways, Whitchurch Town Council has certain powers which can make a significant contribution to the public’s ability to enjoy the public path network.

Whitchurch Town Council employs a contractor for ground maintenance work.  In the summer months a large proportion of his work is on clearing footpaths.

The Town Council is responsible for 98 of the local street lamps in residential areas and in connecting pathways.  Hampshire County Council is contracted to manage the maintenance and repair via the South Coast Street Lighting PFI (Private Finance Initiative).

Winchester Road Allotments, Whitchurch, Hampshire

The Town Council administers a total of 30 allotment plots in Winchester Road.

If you are interested in applying for an allotment, please contact us for more information. Please note there is currently a waiting list of about 1 year for allotments.

Whitchurch Cemetery, Hampshire

Whitchurch Town Council, as the Burial Authority for Whitchurch Cemetery, is responsible for the management and operation of Whitchurch Cemetery, located in Andover Road, near the A34 overpass.

Visitors to the cemetery can park on the drive leading to the top entrance.  Additional parking may be available in the lay-by at the front of the cemetery on the Andover Road.

Further information is available regarding Whitchurch Cemetery by contacting the Clerks.

Funeral Directors, please see below for the schedule of fees for burials and interment of ashes, and other relevant forms:

Rules and Regulations
Cemetery Fees 2017
Notice of burial or interment
Application to erect a memorial

Whitchurch Town Council Grants, Hampshire

Anyone living in Whitchurch, or any local community group, is entitled to apply for an award in support of a cause that benefits the community and is within the law.  The Council puts aside a sum of money from its annual budget for grant applications.  The awards will be made throughout the year, while the fund lasts.  Each application will be assessed on its individual merit, although some applications may not be eligible.  Please read the Policy document below for conditions, further details and application form.

Grants Policy document and application form

Those who are awarded a grant will be published on the Town Council website.

Please send your applications c/o The Clerk, Whitchurch Town Council, Town Hall, Newbury Street, Whitchurch, RG28 7DW

or email your application to:  clerks@whitchurch-hampshire-tc.gov.uk

Whitchurch Town Hall, HampshireOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Whitchurch Town Council is the Trustee for the Town Hall Charity.

This historically important, Grade II* listed building is maintained for the benefit of the residents of Whitchurch.

Annual Community Awards

These Awards were the brain-child of the late Cllr. Peter Pelling.  His intention was to honour those who work voluntarily for the good of our local community, or who inspire others through their achievements.  The first Ceremony was held in 1994.

The Town Council welcomes nominations for this annual award, between 1st December and 31st January each year.

If you know of someone, or a group of people who without financial gain and by their selfless actions, benefit local individuals or the Community as a whole, please let the Town Council know. There is also a special Youth Award which is given to young people who have achieved or inspired others in the course of their activities.

You can make your nominations to the Town Clerk
(i)    by e-mail: clerks@whitchurch-hampshire-tc.gov.uk
(ii)   in writing to:  The Town Clerk, Town Hall, Newbury Street, Whitchurch RG28 7DW.

PLEASE give as much information as possible, with dates and anecdotes if appropriate!  Include contact details for the person you wish to nominate.  If more than six nominations are received, an independent committee will be convened to consider the submissions.  In order to assist the members in their difficult choice, they need to have specific information which can also be used to prepare the citation read out at the Awards Ceremony.  Insufficient information may result in the nomination being turned down.

Your nomination will be acknowledged, but the names of those selected to receive the Award will not be released until the Award Ceremony, which will be hosted by the Mayor later in the Spring.

Please monitor the News section of this website for information regarding the Annual Community Awards, or see the list of previous winners.