Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan


Take one of our online consultation surveys.

All results from these surveys will be taken into account in the Neighbourhood Planning process, and could influence the outcome of the Plan. When surveys are available they will be added to the list below, with a closing date by which all submissions must be received.

Current Surveys

There are no surveys being conducted at present.

Previous Surveys

Where Should The New Houses Go?

This survey is now closed.

From the 11th to the 18th of October the Neighbourhood Plan team held a series of consultations to find out where the people of Whitchurch would prefer new development to go – see Events. At these events we asked people to complete a questionnaire giving their views on where new housing and employment sites should go and what community facilities funds from new development should be spent on. The questionnaire was also available to be completed online, but is now closed. The information presented at the consultations is however still available to be viewed below.

Business Survey

This survey is now closed.

We believe that our businesses contribute greatly to the prosperity of the Parish, and that the Neighbourhood Plan should take account of their requirements for the future. We therefore asked those running a business in Whitchurch what their needs were over the next 15 years, for example, Do they need space to expand their business? Better infrastructure? More local suppliers? Or does Whitchurch already provide everything their business needs? To find out the results of this survey come along to one of our public consultations on October 11th, 15th and 18th at the Parish Hall – see Events.

If you have any questions or comments about this survey, please feel free to contact Michael Thompson, Industry and Business Lead for the Neighbourhood Plan at: michael.thompson@whitchurch-hampshire-tc.gov.uk

Vision Survey

This survey is now closed.

Thanks to all of you who had your say by taking the time to fill in the survey, we have received back over 200 completed surveys. We have now processed the responses and you can view the results as a pdf file here – Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan Vision Questionnaire Results.

Adobe pdf icon


You will need Adobe Reader to view the document, if it is not already installed on your computer you can download it here. 

The results of the survey have been used to produce a ‘Vision statement’ for the Neighbourhood Plan, which will be posted here on our website shortly. The responses to the survey have also been used to help shape the housing options presented to the Whitchurch community for consultation in October.

General forms

Neighbourhood Plan has prepared two general forms on which specific comments and offers of help can be given. These are available in PDF form in the list below:

You can return these forms to Town Hall, or via post to the address listed on our contact page.