Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan

Welcome to the Whitchurch, Hampshire Neighbourhood Plan

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The Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan is our opportunity as a community to have more say in the development of Whitchurch over the next 15 years.

Our Neighbourhood Plan covers the Parish of Whitchurch and will provide a basis for its development for the next 15 years in conjunction with the evolving Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC) Local Plan.

The key elements of the Neighbourhood Plan will be the choice of sites for development, both housing and employment, and the choice of new or updated facilities to accommodate the expanding population. The plan does not allow the choice of how many houses will need to be built, as this forms part of the BDBC Local Plan, but it does allow the local community to have a say in where and how new houses and employment sites should best be integrated into the rest of the parish.

It is estimated that the process of putting the plan together will take 18-24 months. It is the task of the Steering Committee to take the process forward, developing the programme and scope and ultimately to complete The Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan requires continuing consultation with the Community, the Borough Council and interest groups and other stakeholders. The process involves a number of stages including:

  • development of a “Vision” for the Parish
  • formulation of planning policies which will apply to the future development of the Parish
  • independent review of the draft Plan
  • the finalisation of The Plan
  • adoption via a referendum
  • implementation of The Plan

The Steering Committee is made up of local volunteers and by some members of the Town Council. It is supported by the Town Council, but does not form part of it. A number of additional local people are involved as supporting volunteers but are not steering committee members. The Committee is chaired by David George and meets every two weeks on Wednesday evenings. These meetings are attended by committee members and volunteers and are also open to interested members of the public – please see calendar for details of meeting dates and times.  The Committee’s Terms of Reference can be viewed here.


Neighbourhood Plans came into effect as a result of the government’s 2011 Localism Act. This act gives local parishes the right to set up a Neighbourhood Plan Committee and, in conjuction with policies set out in the relevant Borough Council’s Local Plan, to formulate a plan for development within their parish, based on the views of the local population.

With the support of Whitchurch Town Council and after several public meetings and calls for volunteers, the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee was appointed on the 16th October 2013. For a full list of Steering Committee Members, please see Contacts page.

Initial consultations on the scope of The Plan were held in August and September 2013, which highlighted many aspects of community life and the Steering Group then began to focus on those aspects which are of greatest importance to the Community that we wish to become approved planning policy. The Plan will build upon the good work already gathered through past community consultation for the Whitchurch Design Statement (2004) and the Whitchurch Health Check (2005).

Would you like to help?

We are always happy to hear from local people who can offer some time to help with the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan. For example, this could be to help with traffic surveys, putting on public events, delivering leaflets, or by being able to offer professional advice on any related issue.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to help.

For further information please contact: neighbourhood.plan@whitchurch-hampshire-tc.gov.uk

David George
Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group