Whitchurch Town Council

Development Committee Minutes – 26 June 2017


  Cllr A Klemz   Cllr J Buckley   Cllr S Egan
  Cllr B Jackman a Cllr A Jordan   Cllr F Nicolson
  Cllr H Titcomb   Cllr J Wall  
  (‘a’ denotes absence)
  Mrs K Bleazard, Clerk   Mrs S Woodman, Deputy Clerk   Cllr C Ashfield (BDBC)
  2 members of the public

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr A Jordan.

2. Declarations of Interest

Cllr A Klemz declared an interest in Item 5(f) – 17/01678/FUL.

3. Recording of the Meeting

All present were asked to note that this meeting is recorded by the Council and may be recorded by members of the public.

4. Minutes

Cllr F Nicolson PROPOSED that the Minutes of the Development Committee meeting of 12th June 2017 be confirmed; SECONDED by Cllr H Titcomb.  There voted 6 in favour, 1 abstained and the Motion was carried.

5. Planning Applications

Application No. HCC/2017/0395 Received:       7.6.17 Return by:      5.7.17
Location Whitchurch C of E Primary School, Daniel Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7LS
Proposal Stand-alone 4 classroom teaching block, extension to existing school hall, refurbishment of existing buildings and ancillary works
Response Members were in favour of the idea of realigning the path from the play park to the school to run behind the garages, and Cllr J Buckley said that he wished to see a firm commitment from the school to include the diagram in its Travel Plan.   He noted that there were many other measures that could also be included. Other members also had reservations over the content of the Travel Plan. After further discussion Cllr J Wall PROPOSED no objection, subject to improvements to pedestrian access to the school being made; SECONDED by Cllr S Egan.   There voted 4 in favour; 3 against and the Motion was carried. Cllr Buckley asked it to be noted that he objected to the proposal due to few commitments made in the Travel Plan to mitigate the effects of expansion.
Application No. T/00126/17/TPO Received:       12.6.17 Return by:      29.6.17
Location 22 Lynch Hill Park, Whitchurch, RG28 7NF
Proposal T1 Copper Norway Maple – fell to ground level
Response Having taken into consideration the BDBC Tree Officer’s assessment of the application and requirement for replacement planting, Cllr A Klemz PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr H Titcomb. The vote was unanimous.
Application No. 17/01795/HSE Received:       12.6.17 Return by:      29.6.17
Location 4 Firsway, Whitchurch, RG28 7HD
Proposal Conversion of garage to living accommodation
Response It was noted that the whilst the number of bedrooms is being increased from 3 to 4, the parking provision will be halved with no room for any additional parking on-site.   Cllr B Jackman PROPOSED objection because of reduced and insufficient parking provision; SECONDED by Cllr J Wall.   The vote was unanimous.
Application No. 17/01893/FUL Received:       15.6.17 Return by:      5.7.17
Location Land at Bell Street Car Park, Bell Street, Whitchurch
Proposal Realignment and addition of car parking spaces
Response Some Members felt that whilst additional parking spaces were needed, they should not be reserved for private parking within a public car park. Cllr B Jackman PROPOSED objection; SECONDED by Cllr H Titcomb.   There voted 6 in favour; 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.
Application No. 17/01913/HSE Received:       16.6.17 Return by:      5.7.17
Location 12 Fairfield, Whitchurch, RG28 7ES
Proposal Erection of single storey rear extension to provide accessible facilities
Response Cllr C Ashfield spoke in support of the application, saying that the proposal would add to the stock of 4-bedroom properties in the town which are in short supply.   Cllr A Klemz PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr B Jackman. All were in favour.
Application No. 17/01678/FUL Received:       13.6.17 Return by:      30.6.17
Location Sheepcrook Cottages, Newbury Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7ED
Proposal Erection of two replacement dwellings with widened access
Response (Cllr A Klemz had declared an interest in this item and moved to the Public Gallery. Cllr H Titcomb took the Chair.) Cllr J Wall PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr H Titcomb.   There voted 2 in favour; 3 against and 1 abstention, and the Motion was lost.

Cllr J Buckley then PROPOSED objection because the design is out of keeping with the character of the rural area; SECONDED by Cllr S Egan. There voted 4 in favour; 2 against and the Motion was carried.   Cllr Klemz resumed the Chair.

6. Updates and Results

There were none.

7. Tree Warden

The Clerk confirmed that the relevant information had been circulated to all Tree Wardens and the new system would be effective immediately.

8. Proposed Road Works to Town Square

There was no further update.

9. Speed Limit Reminder Sign (SLR)

Cllr B Jackman had analysed the data from the SLR and identified several anomalies in its usage.  He would investigate further and report back to the Committee.  The Clerk to request monthly data reports and look into the cost of an upgraded SLR. ACTION: BJ/KB

10. Possible CCTV in Town Centre

The advice obtained on installation and operation of CCTV systems was noted, and it was agreed not to proceed at this time.

11. List of s106/CIL Footpath Improvement Projects

Cllr Buckley reiterated his request for a workshop session to discuss the list fully.  It was agreed to defer this item for consideration at the next meeting, arrange a workshop session and engage with relevant community groups by advertising it beyond the Council.  Cllr A Klemz to suggest some dates.   ACTION: AK

12. Railway Inn Station Car Park

Cllr J Buckley reported that he had arranged a meeting just prior to this Committee to discuss possible options following the closure of the car park.  It was attended by the County Councillor, Ward Councillors, and Parish Councillors from Hurstbourne Priors, St Mary Bourne and Whitchurch.  Everyone was asked to feed back on what actions they are taking, if any, before the last Development Committee in July.

13. Correspondence and Announcements

Complaints had been received regarding street cleaning and the maintenance of Bell Street car park.  Both were the responsibility of BDBC and were being dealt with.

Cllr Klemz said that the planning application for North West Whitchurch will be considered at the Borough’s Development Committee on 12th July and asked if anyone wished to attend in support of WTC’s previous objection.  It was agreed to include as an item on the next agenda.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

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