Whitchurch Town Council

Extraordinary Meeting of the Council Minutes – 8 May 2017


  Cllr J Buckley *a Cllr J Aves   Cllr M Berridge
  Cllr S Egan   Cllr C Isbester   Cllr B Jackman
  Cllr A Jordan   Cllr R Jordan   Cllr A Klemz
  Cllr F Nicolson   Cllr H Titcomb *a Cllr J Wall
*a Cllr K Watts (BDBC) *a Cllr C Ashfield (BDBC)  
  Also: Mrs K Bleazard, Clerk; Mrs S Woodman, Deputy Clerk; 2 members of the public and 1 member of the Press
  (*a denotes absence)

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs J Aves, J Wall and Ward Cllr K Watts.

2. Declarations of Interest

There were none.

3. Recording of the Meeting

All present were asked to note that this meeting is recorded by the Council and may be recorded by members of the public.

4. Land off Evingar Road, Whitchurch – 16/03220/OUT

Cllr A Klemz had previously circulated documents on the S106 Heads of Terms relating to the above application.  It offered the possibility of transferring a parcel of land above the allotments either to the Town Council or a community trust, together with a commuted sum to maintain the land for a period of 10 years, which would support the NP policy of achieving community gain from developments, by providing public open space.

During a full discussion, some concerns were raised over the Council’s future liability for maintenance of trees and fencing; however, the agreement would stipulate that the land would be transferred in a fit and maintainable state.  It was generally agreed that the relevant policies within the NP must be supported.

Cllr A Klemz PROPOSED that the Town Council should note that the draft S106 reflects WNP Policy HA2 for the development and agree that land can be transferred to the Town Council (or Community Trust) subject to an agreed specification and landscaping scheme and commuted sum for future maintenance.  SECONDED by Cllr A Jordan; the vote was unanimous.

The meeting closed at 8.43 pm.

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