Whitchurch Town Council

Development Committee Minutes – 15 May 2017


  Cllr J Buckley   Cllr S Egan   Cllr B Jackman
  Cllr A Jordan a Cllr A Klemz   Cllr F Nicolson
  Cllr H Titcomb   Cllr J Wall  
  (‘a’ denotes absence)
  Mrs K Bleazard, Clerk   Mrs S Woodman, Deputy Clerk   5 members of the public

Cllr J Buckley addressed the meeting before the first item was discussed, and thanked the Deputy Chair, fellow Councillors and Clerks for their support during the past year.

1. Election of Chairman

There were two nominations for Cllr A Jordan and Cllr A Klemz, and after a short discussion Cllr Jordan withdrew from his nomination.  Cllr J Wall PROPOSED that Cllr Andy Klemz is appointed as Chairman of the Development Committee for the year 2017-18; SECONDED by Cllr B Jackman.  The vote was unanimous.

2. Election of Deputy Chairman

As Cllr Klemz was absent Cllr J Buckley remained in the Chair.

There were three nominations: Cllr S Egan, Cllr A Jordan and Cllr H Titcomb.  Both Cllrs Egan and Jordan withdrew from their nominations and Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED that Cllr Hannah Titcomb is appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Development Committee for the year 2017-18; SECONDED by Cllr F Nicolson.  There voted 6 in favour, 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.

Cllr Titcomb then took the Chair as Deputy.

3. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr A Klemz.

4. Declarations of Interest

Cllr J Buckley declared an interest in Item 7 (17/01385/FUL) as a member of the Whitchurch Sports and Social Club.

5. Recording of the Meeting

All present were asked to note that this meeting is recorded by the Council and may be recorded by members of the public.

6. Minutes

Cllr F Nicolson PROPOSED that the Minutes of the Development Committee meeting of 24th April 2017 be confirmed; SECONDED by Cllr J Buckley.  There voted 2 in favour, 5 abstained and the Motion was carried.

7. Planning Applications

Application No. T/00143/17/TCA Received:       20.4.17 Return by:      11.5.17
Location 3 Newbury Road, Whitchurch
Proposal T1 Cherry – fell
T2 Leylandii – fell
Response A statement of support and explanation had been made by the applicant and Members welcomed the proposal to plant more suitable replacements for the felled trees.   Cllr J Wall PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr S Egan. The vote was unanimous.
Application No. T/00127/17/TPO Received:       24.4.17 Return by:      11.5.17
Location 11 Bicester Close, Whitchurch, RG28 7HE
Proposal Silver Birch (T1) – remove to ground level and replant new species
Response Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr B Jackman. The vote was unanimous and the Committee welcomed replacement planting of new species.
Application No. 17/01279/FUL Received:       24.4.17 Return by:      12.5.17
Location Land at 17 Bere Hill, Whitchurch, RG28 7EN
Proposal Erection of 1 no. 2 bed dwelling
Response Two letters from neighbours were read out, objecting to the proposal on the grounds of access, overdevelopment for the site, and inaccuracies within the application which gave rise to concerns over privacy. Members agreed that the descriptions in the plan did not reflect the site, and Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED objection for the reasons that:

  • The application is not presented accurately and there are several inconsistencies in the written application compared to the plans, thereby raising issues of privacy and overlooking from the new dwelling’s windows;
  • The inaccuracies relate to windows shown on the plan contrary to the Design and Planning Statement (para. 5.0), and use of out of date photographs of the area.

SECONDED by Cllr S Egan; there voted 6 in favour; 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.

Application No. 17/01461/RET Received:       5.5.17 Return by:      25.5.17
Location 1 Bell Street, Whitchurch, RG28 7AE
Proposal Installation of roof refrigeration plant, 2 no. air conditioning units and free standing barrier
Response A letter of objection from a neighbouring resident, together with photographs, had been previously circulated to Members. After some discussion Cllr J Wall PROPOSED objection for the following reasons:

  • the units and barriers are clearly visible above the roof line and are out of keeping with, and have an adverse impact on the Conservation Area
  • overlooking and loss of privacy for neighbouring properties
  • noise disturbance caused to neighbouring residents in their gardens and within their homes due to the higher elevation of the units.

SECONDED by Cllr A Jordan; the vote was unanimous.

Application No. 17/01385/FUL Received:       9.5.17 Return by:      26.5.17
Location Whitchurch Sports and Social Club, Winchester Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7RB
Proposal Change of use to add Use Class A3 (Restaurants and Cafes) and Use Class A5 (Hot Food Takeaways) to existing use to allow club to operate as a cafeteria in the daytime
Response (Cllr J Buckley had declared an interest and refrained from voting). The applicant, Mr Paul Driver, answered a few questions from Members who were very supportive of the initiative which encouraged and supported local trade. Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr B Jackman. There voted 6 in favour; 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.
Application No. 16/03220/OUT Received:       10.5.17 Return by:      24.5.17
Location Land off Evingar Road, Whitchurch
Proposal Hybrid planning application comprising an outline planning application for alterations to an existing access, up to 60 new dwellings, B1 & B2 Use, new station car park, open space, landscaping and associated works (all matters reserved except access) and a full application for the change of use of land to public open space (amended plans)
Response Cllr B Jackman PROPOSED that the Town Council’s previous comments are upheld, namely:

“Subject to the following conditions, Whitchurch Town Council raises NO OBJECTION to the above application:

  • Include measures to mitigate the impact of the development on the local road network including the protection of the Town Centre from employment related Heavy Good Vehicle traffic as set out in Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan policy ES3.
  • Include the design of a new access road and junction designed to restrict HGV traffic turning south on Evingar Road, and improvement to the junctions within the Town Centre and to seek financial contribution from the developers to cover the costs of implementing a Traffic Regulation Order.”

SECONDED by Cllr F Nicolson. There voted 6 in favour; 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.

8. Updates and Results

The following were noted:

Application No. 17/00410/HSE Received:       8.2.17 Return by:      28.2.17
Location 35 Test Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7LP
Proposal Loft conversion and construction of 3 no. rear dormer windows
Response Cllr S Egan PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr J Buckley. All were in favour.
Application No. 17/00476/HSE Received:       15.2.17 Return by:      7.3.17
Location 16 Pound Meadow, Whitchurch, RG28 7LG
Proposal Erection of single storey rear extension. Installation of 1 no. window to side elevation.
Response A letter was read out from the resident at 96 London Road, raising objection on the grounds of loss of privacy, noise and disturbance due to the proximity of the development to her boundary fence. Members felt that there was sufficient distance between the proposed extension and her property and Cllr J Wall PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr A Klemz. The vote was unanimous.

Complaint regarding bulk grain lorries in the town:  The Committee noted a response from BDBC which asked for any evidence available regarding the origin of the lorries, and the existence of directional signs.  Cllr Jackman confirmed that the signs had originally been in place.

9. Proposed Expansion of Whitchurch Primary School

Having been sent a list of suggestions with a request for comments, HCC officers had offered to meet to discuss the points raised, with a provisional date of Tuesday 6th June at 12.30 pm.  Cllr J Buckley agreed to attend, along with Cllr A Jordan if available or Cllr B Jackman if not.  Cllr Buckley was keen that each suggestion is considered and it was agreed that notes of each response are taken by a Clerk.  HCC to be advised accordingly.  ACTION: KB

10. Tree Warden

The Clerk said she was awaiting confirmation from one potential volunteer.
A letter had been received from one of the other potential Tree Wardens concerning weed spraying and new planting in the BDBC owned field backing onto her property in The Knowlings.  It was agreed to pass the letter to the L & E Committee for discussion, with the recommendation that the Town Council supports her suggestions.

11. Proposed Road Works to Town Square

The Clerk had received confirmation that any road closures were not likely to take place until the end of September.  Changes would be made to the roundabout, and she was asked to request further details to ensure that the character of the Town Square is preserved.     ACTION: KB

12. Correspondence

S.106 Deed of Variation for land at Winchester Road:  The revised draft Deed of Variation was yet to be produced by BDBC.  Members agreed to ask for comments on the document (when available) and the retention of the Designated Protected Area (DPA) for affordable housing from the NPSC and the Ward Councillors, and bring the matter back to the Development Committee.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.

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