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Draft Resources and Policy Committee Minutes – 24 April 2017

Minutes of Meetings are published as soon as possible on the website for the benefit of the public. However these do not become the formal record of meetings until endorsed at the next meeting of the Town Council. Therefore you should always check to see whether any amendments have been made.


a Cllr J Wall   Cllr J Buckley a Cllr S Egan
a Cllr B Jackman   Cllr A Jordan   Cllr F Nicolson
  Also: Mrs K Bleazard, Clerk and Mrs S Woodman, Deputy Clerk
  (‘a’ denotes absence)

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs S Egan, B Jackman and J Wall.

2. Declarations of Interest

There were none.

3. Recording of the Meeting

All present were asked to note that this meeting is recorded by the Council and may be recorded by members of the public.

4. Minutes

Cllr F Nicolson PROPOSED that the Minutes of the Resources and Policy meeting of 13th March 2017 be confirmed; SECONDED by Cllr J Buckley.  There voted 2 in favour, 1 abstained and the Motion was carried.

5. Expenditure

i) Printing of Community Bus Timetables

Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED that the Development Committee’s recommendation to spend up to £250 from the Communication/Advertising budget is approved; SECONDED by Cllr F Nicolson.

ii) Purchase of plants for window boxes and/or hanging baskets

Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED approval of the purchase of plants for the Town Hall through Whitchurch in Lights up to the value of £90; SECONDED by Cllr F Nicolson.  All were in favour and it was agreed that should this amount prove insufficient, the matter is brought back to the Committee.

6. Correspondence

An email from Andrew Rushmer (Senior Planning Officer BDBC) had been previously circulated suggesting that a representative of the Town Council is copied in to any correspondence between BDBC and the Examiner regarding the Neighbourhood Plan Examination.  The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee had recommended that David George should be the nominated representative reporting back to the Town Council where necessary.  It was agreed that the Council approve the NPSC’s recommendation.

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.

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