Whitchurch Town Council

Development Committee Minutes – 13 February 2017


  Cllr J Buckley   Cllr J Aves   Cllr S Egan
a Cllr B Jackman   Cllr A Jordan a Cllr A Klemz
  Cllr F Nicolson   Cllr H Titcomb   Cllr J Wall
  (‘a’ denotes absence)
  Mrs K Bleazard, Clerk   Mrs S Woodman, Deputy Clerk  
  Cllr C Ashfield; Mr A Morris and Ms L Ashton (Bewley Homes) and 3 members of the public

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs B Jackman, A Klemz and Mrs K Bleazard.

2. Declarations of Interest

There were none.

3. Recording of the Meeting

All present were asked to note that this meeting is recorded by the Council and may be recorded by members of the public.

4. Minutes

Cllr S Egan PROPOSED that the Minutes of the Development Committee meeting of 23rd January 2017 be confirmed; SECONDED by Cllr F Nicolson.  There voted 6 in favour, 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.

5. Planning Applications

Application No. 17/00148/OUT Received:       25.1.17 Return by:      14.2.17
Location Land south of Manor Farm, Bloswood Lane, Whitchurch
Proposal Outline planning application, with all matters reserved (except for access) for the erection of up to 112 dwellings, together with car parking, open space (including formal playspace), landscaping, SuDS attenuation and new vehicular and pedestrian access from Bloswood Lane
Response The application was discussed in detail and the consensus among Members was that the number of houses proposed far exceeded the requirement set out in the Neighbourhood Plan. They had major concerns over increased traffic and the impact on infrastructure and local services which were already straining to cope with the current level of population. Three letters of objection from residents were read out, citing similar concerns.

Andrew Morris and Laura Ashton (from Bewley Homes) were in attendance and read a statement in support of the outline application, which sought to establish if the principle of the development was acceptable. They stated that there could be flexibility over the development and could demonstrate its sustainability. Ms Ashton answered further questions from Members on noise mitigation and the amount of affordable homes.

After further discussion Cllr A Jordan PROPOSED objection for the following reasons:

  • The proposed development significantly exceeds the town’s requirement for affordable housing by three times
  • Local infrastructure is already under pressure from developments in progress.   There will be increased congestion at the single-track railway bridge tunnel on Bloswood Lane and increased traffic in Bell Street, Wells Lane and Evingar Road
  • Services are insufficient for the current population and will struggle to cope with the developments already approved
  • The current expansion of the schools does not take into account the 100 homes at the Winchester Road development, let alone this proposed further large development
  • There is insufficient capacity in the waste water pipes to take the developments already approved, let alone another 112 houses
  • This development is above and beyond the number of houses Whitchurch is mandated to take, for which provision in excess of the requirement has already been made
  • Following extensive consultation over the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan, survey results show the community does not support the idea of a number of large developments.

SECONDED by Cllr J Wall; the vote was unanimous. Cllr Jordan left the meeting at 8.05 pm and the Chairman thanked Mr Morris and Ms Ashton for their representations.

Application No. 17/00352/FUL Received:       6.2.17 Return by:      23.2.17
Location Land to rear of The Harroway, Evingar Road, Whitchurch
Proposal Erection of 2 no. dwellings with associated landscaping
Response Mr J Lewis, representing the applicant, attended to answer questions from Members.   Councillors commended the design of the proposed houses, but had concerns over privacy and overlooking by a two-storey development in an area of bungalows. Mr Lewis said this was already mostly addressed by mature landscaping, TPOs on some trees and no windows at the side of the proposed houses.     Two letters from residents were read out, objecting on the grounds of increased noise and loss of privacy.

After further discussion Cllr J Buckley PROPOSED no objection, subject to concerns over privacy being addressed through landscaping; SECONDED by Cllr J Wall.   There voted 3 in favour; 2 against; 1 abstention and the Motion was carried.

Application No. 17/00410/HSE Received:       8.2.17 Return by:      28.2.17
Location 35 Test Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7LP
Proposal Loft conversion and construction of 3 no. rear dormer windows
Response Cllr S Egan PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr J Buckley. All were in favour.

6. Updates and Results

The following had been circulated previously:

Application No. 16/04215/HSE Received:       28.11.16 Return by:      16.12.16
Location 35 Lynch Hill Park, Whitchurch, RG28 7NF
Proposal Erection of single storey side and rear extensions, infill extension, construction of chimney, roof lights, alterations to porch, raised decking and application of external rendered finish to all external walls
Response Cllr J Buckley PROPOSED no objection; SECONDED by Cllr S Egan and the vote was unanimous.

7. Tree Warden

Provisional dates for training were arranged for either 1st or 8th March.

8. Application for County Councillor Grant

The Clerk had not as yet received any details to support an application to improve lighting in Rec Alley.  Although the deadline had passed, the Clerk was asked to send in an application regardless, without costings if necessary. ACTION: KB

9. New Development Street Naming

Members approved the list circulated previously for submission to BDBC.

10. Correspondence

  • Felling of two Goat Willows in Church Street car park – Cllr F Nicolson suggested that if the trees are removed, replacements are planted at a suitable location elsewhere in the town.  It was agreed to pass the request to BDBC. ACTION: KB
  • Neighbourhood Plan – An email from David George advised the Committee that the Whitchurch NP had passed BDBC’s compliance checks and would move to the Regulation 16 stage on 27th February 2017.

The meeting closed at 8.35 pm.


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